Deen Communications ltd.

About Deen Communications

We publish two monthly magazines (An-naseehah and Legacy magazines), and we publish other Islamic books by the permission of Allah. We are located at 38, Montgonomery road Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.


10 responses to “About Deen Communications

  1. Alhamdulillah we have ur organisation on d Islamic info disemminations landscape existing all this while, my advice to ur outfit is to remain focus and dedicated, Allah(SWT) in His infinitum will inspire, guard and sustain u, but i challenge ur org 2 include Islamic dating orientatn 4 d Ummah and k

  2. Riskoh adeola ishola says:

    Salam alekum!

  3. aminat jimoh says:

    is it inside d psychiatric hospital u do ur halqah

  4. AbooAdnaan says:

    Maasha’Allah,for uz 2 av dz islamc publcatn outfit here in afrca,I can only hope n pray d@ if wel xplor,it wl potray d muslm Ummah postvly 2 d rest of d world,wel fajazakumlahu kaeran katheero!

  5. Hadiyatullah says:

    Asalamun aleikum,pls the address above,is it the head office or a distributing office

  6. Olusola Abdulgani Kehinde says:


  7. Hauwa Momodu says:

    Salam Alaykum,

    May Allah reward you for your efforts.

    I do have to say your website doesnt fully showcase what Deen Coomunication is about and its activities. Finding information is quite herculean. I have been trying to locate images of the magazines, info on your feed a soul programme, Waqf etc. I know I will get it easily from a copy of An naseeha but I equally expected it to be on your site.
    You also did not include nationwide distribution centres for the magazines in your website. The search button doesnt really help. The website doesnt have a home tab or other tabs to easily navigate and find info. Please sell yourself well with this website. Kindly update your site to reflect these and other adverts in your magazines.

    May Allah make it easy for you.

    Ma salam.

  8. Amuta says:

    How can I get a copy of the An-naseehah magazine

  9. Taofeeq ibn Azeez says:

    Asalamalykum am so happy to hear deen communication.even i wish to be attending their program .pls do send messave throught whatdapp to get know about your activities my whatsapp is 08067646699. brother Taofeeq

  10. Ogunyemi Abiodun Lawal says:

    I have to be sincere with my comments.Dcl’s An-naseehah was one of the sources thru which i started understanding the PROPHETIC SUNNAH.alhamdulillah i am a full fledged member of the sunni household in lagos,nigeria-jazakumullah Khaeran.

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