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on April 8, 2012

KBC 44 bannerAssalaam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu, alhamdulillah, here are the audio recordings of KBC 44 held between jumadal-awwal 15 to jumadal-awwal 18, 1433 (friday 6th april to monday 9th april, 2012).

DAY 1 Lecture 1: ‘Ad-Du’aa’ Is Worship.’ Ustadh Abdussalam Abdurraheem Lecture 1

Lecture 2: “Call on Me…” Imaam Sayyi AbdurRaheem Lecture 2

DAY 2 Lecture 3: “Ask & It shall be given unto you” Imaam Sayyi AbdurRaheem Lecture 3

Lecture 4: “There is an hour during the night …” Imaam Sayyi AbdurRaheem Lecture 4

DAY 3 Lecture 5: “My Lord pays attention to you only because of your du’aa’ to Him…” Abu NasirIbraheem ‘Abdur-Rauf Lecture 5

Lecture 6a:”I supplicated but it was not granted” Abu Nasir Ibraheem ‘Abdur-Rauf Lecture 6

Lecture 6b: “Continuation of Question and Answer session” Abu Nasir Ibraheem ‘Abdur-Rauf Lecture 6b

DAY 4 Lecture 7: “Our Lord! Give us in this world…” Abu Nasir Ibraheem ‘Abdur-Rauf Lecture 7

Conclusion: Closing Remarks Niyi Sanuth Closing Remarks


11 responses to “KBC 44 (KNOWLEDGE BUILDER COURSE 44)

  1. Olaniyan Abdullah says:

    Baarakallahu fiikum. It was a nice program

  2. Zulfah Ayinde says:

    Its really a good idea as the pple that were not present at the programme also benefit from the lectures.jazakumullahu khayran!

  3. Sherifdeen bn yahya says:

    It was a very nice program i pray Allah cont. 2 make it continous one. We also pray Allah increases the knwledge of our bth ustadh. Amin


    Jazak Allahu khairan, in East Africa and yet able to benefit as if I actually went for the programme.’ABDULMUMIN IBN YA’QUB AN NAIJIREE.

  5. halimah balogun says:

    u have indeed taken upon urself that wc the prophet commanded in his last speech when he said convey to those who are nt here may be the later will understand better dan the present aukama qaal. may Allah SWT reward u all abundantly.

  6. Taiwo Hassan bn Abdulkareem says:

    It was a gr8 program. Jazakumullahu khayran

  7. yusuf adebayo sulaiman says:

    so painful dat i was not aware of d program due to NYSC which took me out of my domain(lagos).pls for subsequent edition,u can send notification to my phone number 08022437013 and 08167616494.may Alah rewad u for d gud work

  8. AbulAzez says:

    is there a download link for the files as i cannot listen to it online

  9. AbulAzeez says:

    alhamdullilah i found it

  10. Moshood Adebayo says:

    Assalaamu alaykum,may Allah reward you abundantly for your effort in spreading the message of islam. Please I need all the lectures delivered during the knowledge builder course themed: Achieving Marital Hormony. I will be very grateful if you can send me the link.

  11. Abudaud Habeeb bn Shuaib says:

    Asalam alaykum
    Pls is there any latest release by Abunasir? If there is pls send me a link to dwld

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