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DCL Halqah – Explanation of Umdatul Ahkaam, Chapter of Marriage

Explanation of the Chapter of Marriage in the Book, Umdatul Ahkaam by Ustadh AbdulGhaniy Jumat (May ALLAAH preserve him) – Ongoing

Kitabun-Nikkah, Chapter of Marriage, Hadeeth 4

Kitabun-Nikkah, Chapter of Marriage, Hadeeth 3

Kitabun-Nikkah, Chapter of Marriage, Hadeeth 2

Kitabun-Nikkah, Chapter of Marriage, Hadeeth 1

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DCL Halqah – Explantion of Umdatul Ahkaam – Past Lectures

Past lectures from the explanation of the book, Umdatul Ahkaam by Ustadh AbdulGhaniy Jumat (May ALLAAH preserve him)

Al-Umra (Long-Life Gift)


Al-musaqa and Al-muzaraha



Giving of Al-Wala

Prohibition of Oppression


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How to listen to DCL’s Thursday halqahs via Skype

Assalaamu alaykum, here are the deatils of how to connect to DCL’s thursday halqah via skype.

  1. Download Skype and create a Skype account at
  2. Login to your skype account and send a friend request to ‘deencommunications’ or ‘salalite’, you can do that by clicking ‘contacts’ button on the top part of the skype application, then click ‘add a contact’ button, then you search for the above skype names by typing them into the ‘SKype name’ field, if the contact is found, it would be shown below, then you can click the ‘add’ button, otherwise, crosscheck the name you typed and make sure you typed it into the ‘Skype name’ field.
  3. After you’ve sent the friend request, we would be notified and add you to the call group inshaallah. You may also send a message to us (i.e ‘deencommunications’ or ‘salalite’ or ‘husayn.abdulwasi’) indicating that you want to join the halqah group while adding any of these contacts.
  4. You can now login every Thursday 5pm to 7pm(i.e the time for the halqah), and you’ll receive a call to join the halqah.
  5. Remember the simple rule of the skype group is to ensure the users’ mic is muted during the call.

Baarakallahu feekum wa jazaakumullah khairan.

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KBC 44 bannerAssalaam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu, alhamdulillah, here are the audio recordings of KBC 44 held between jumadal-awwal 15 to jumadal-awwal 18, 1433 (friday 6th april to monday 9th april, 2012).

DAY 1 Lecture 1: ‘Ad-Du’aa’ Is Worship.’ Ustadh Abdussalam Abdurraheem Lecture 1

Lecture 2: “Call on Me…” Imaam Sayyi AbdurRaheem Lecture 2

DAY 2 Lecture 3: “Ask & It shall be given unto you” Imaam Sayyi AbdurRaheem Lecture 3

Lecture 4: “There is an hour during the night …” Imaam Sayyi AbdurRaheem Lecture 4

DAY 3 Lecture 5: “My Lord pays attention to you only because of your du’aa’ to Him…” Abu NasirIbraheem ‘Abdur-Rauf Lecture 5

Lecture 6a:”I supplicated but it was not granted” Abu Nasir Ibraheem ‘Abdur-Rauf Lecture 6

Lecture 6b: “Continuation of Question and Answer session” Abu Nasir Ibraheem ‘Abdur-Rauf Lecture 6b

DAY 4 Lecture 7: “Our Lord! Give us in this world…” Abu Nasir Ibraheem ‘Abdur-Rauf Lecture 7

Conclusion: Closing Remarks Niyi Sanuth Closing Remarks